Saturday, March 27, 2010

Final days at Bologna

Day three & four

Day three began with vast quantities of caffeine, hurried walks to and from the café continued all day in a bid to keep the momentum up as a steady stream of publishers and agents attended meetings on our stand.

There was a buoyant atmosphere at the fair despite the fact that numbers were down. Those whom we met were genuine in their interest of our list, although the next three months will be crucial in finalising the rights to a number of our titles.

The day ended with the Australia Party attended by Ms Amanda Vanstone, Ambassador to Italy, publishers, authors, illustrators and a number of locals who thought there was good free fare on offer.

Most agreed it had been a productive fair.

Day four

Meetings continued while stands were unpacked around us in the afternoon. Undeterred, our agent continued on with his formidable schedule.

Books, posters and banners have now been boxed up in readiness for the London Book Fair and Frankfurt.

Thank you to Rod Hare from ALC for all his hard work and to Ann James and Ann Haddon for their continued support of illustrators.

Here ends the Bologna Book Fair 2010.

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