Thursday, April 8, 2010

New look for NFP

Well, we are back from our travels. Bologna provided interesting insights into the world of children’s publishing. There has been much discussion about our list and we will be making a few exciting changes. We will keep you posted.

One new development is a brand new look for NFP. We thought our logo was a little boring, so our trusty designer Nick has put his thinking cap on and come up with some stellar ideas. We wanted to keep the theme - into the New Frontier, but also give the logo an element of fun, which is somewhat lacking in the current logo. Nick is just putting the finishing touches on his magical new creation and we will post the new look next week for you to comment on.

We apologise for the lack of recent posts but after Bologna Sophia went on to London for a week and was rather busy enjoying herself. She is now back in Oz and furiously planning books, launches and birthday parties. It was Nick’s birthday this week. We had cake.

Thank you to all our followers. We are aspiring to continue to publish terrific children’s books and to be on the CBCA shortlist next year!!

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