Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictures from our first successful NFP Kids Book Swap

On Friday we hosted the first NFP Kids Book Swap at Forestville Library.
Kids feasted on fairy bread, cup cakes and strawberries as they listened to Sue Whiting reading her story Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

We had balloons, cake and the occasional fairy. There was even dancing to the sounds of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The kids had an opportunity to ask Sue lots of questions about her books-she has written over 60! She was asked which book was her favourite and Sue was very diplomatic. As she said her publisher was standing next to her!

After question time the kids all got their book swapping hats on.


Much fun was had at Forestville library. Many thanks to Sue Whiting who gave up her time for the first ever NFP Kids Book Swap and to Forestville Library who have allowed us to roll out this program in their library and most importantly to eat cake and fairy bread in their library.

The next Kids Book Swap will be at 3.30pm on Friday the 30th July at Forestville Library.
Guest author will be Peter Whitfield, the author of the Zen Tails series and Serena Geddes, the illustrator of Row, row, row your boat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

CBCA conference

Imagine this imagine that!
The CBCA conference took place on the weekend at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney.
We were there displaying our books in the trade exhibit and showing off our new logo.

The conference had been sold to publishers as a "no frills" conference in a bid to move away from the expense of the larger venues and provide a more intimate environment.

The vibe from the conference was terrific. The delegates seemed to enjoy the program rushing to queue for signed books during the breaks.

Jo Oliver signed copies of her latest book Tatiara

The trade exhibit ran smoothly. Nobody seemed to mind the smaller venue. If anything it allowed for a far more amiable conference.
Congratulations to Margaret Hamilton for her dedication in seeing this conference through to its fruition.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Launching into the New Frontier with a Kids Book Swap

A recent study in the US discovered that children associate reading with homework and playing digital games with fun.
Below are five tips the study felt would contribute to happy readers.

Five tips for parents on how to make happy young readers.

■ Don't make reading a chore; it is not "good" behaviour.
■ Let your child choose their own reading from a handful of selected books.
■ Don't edit their choice by the age range on the back: see what they fancy.
■ Don't tell them what you enjoyed when you were their age.
■ Stand back and let your child talk directly to the librarian or bookseller.

At New Frontier we are releasing a monthly Kids Book Swap program to put the fun back into reading.

On the last Friday of each month we are throwing a party at Forestville Library and inviting kids to come along for a fun filled hour.

Kids will be swapping books and talking to an author and illustrator from New Frontier. They will be able to browse the library and talk to a librarian about books.

We know that books, authors and illustrators should be enticement enough, but just in case we also have party food on offer. So come along and say hello.