Monday, June 7, 2010

Launching into the New Frontier with a Kids Book Swap

A recent study in the US discovered that children associate reading with homework and playing digital games with fun.
Below are five tips the study felt would contribute to happy readers.

Five tips for parents on how to make happy young readers.

■ Don't make reading a chore; it is not "good" behaviour.
■ Let your child choose their own reading from a handful of selected books.
■ Don't edit their choice by the age range on the back: see what they fancy.
■ Don't tell them what you enjoyed when you were their age.
■ Stand back and let your child talk directly to the librarian or bookseller.

At New Frontier we are releasing a monthly Kids Book Swap program to put the fun back into reading.

On the last Friday of each month we are throwing a party at Forestville Library and inviting kids to come along for a fun filled hour.

Kids will be swapping books and talking to an author and illustrator from New Frontier. They will be able to browse the library and talk to a librarian about books.

We know that books, authors and illustrators should be enticement enough, but just in case we also have party food on offer. So come along and say hello.

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