Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NFP is in good company

After over 30 hours of travel we finally reached our destination. A little jet lagged we made our way to the Bologna Book Fair to put the finishing touches on our stand.

You will be pleased to know we are in very good company. Bloomsbury is next door and Hachette across the road. They of course have all the bells and whistles that shout out successful publisher. We have terrific placement, brilliant books and eye-catching banners.

The Fair is held in an enormous, cavernous space brightened today by displays of vibrant children’s books. For any lover of children’s books this is the place to be, a place to get lost in the magic and wonder of books.

As we left the fair today publishers were still putting up posters and setting up displays. Tonight the carpet will be laid in anticipation for the start of the fair tomorrow. Back to back meetings will begin as publishers pitch their titles in order to land that elusive foreign rights deal.

While we work hard at cementing deals we will also be spying on the competition and eating our fare share of pizza and pasta.


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