Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrating Samuel's Kisses

Samuel’s Kisses has been launched!

Thank you to Janene and Mary at Marks and Gardner Gallery in Mount Tamborine. They were fabulous hosts, putting on an exciting festival of activities for the children.

Congratulations to the lovely Karen Collum on the launch of her very first picture book. Karen shared the event with family and friends. Many writers also came along to show their support for Karen.
Kisses were shared by young and young-ish.

Serena Geddes displayed her beautiful original illustrations from Samuel’s Kisses. The children helped Serena create a few exciting new characters. Two lucky children took these fabulous illustrations home with them.

And, of course, there was cake. We had to have a cake and what a cake it was.

Both Karen and Serena are relative newcomers to the world of picture books.

They are both exceptionally talented and have a number of books now in the pipeline. Hooray for them!


  1. I love the radiant smiles. Well done ladies. A gorgeous story exquisitely illustrated and presented. xxx

  2. Thanks New Frontier. It was such a delightful launch :-)

  3. Thanks for a lovely afternoon at the launch. My boys love blowing kisses now and describing where the kisses went. This book will become a classic like the hungry caterpillar. Gorgeous story and gorgeous pictures.

  4. Congratulations Karen, Serena and the team at New Frontier - a beautiful launch for a beautiful book.


  5. Congrats, gals! We love Samuel's Kisses at Kids Book Review! x